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Glanz und Gloria represent both a name and a philosopy in one

Luxurious and opulent and at the same time delicate and playful. The crown appears as the trademark of Glanz und Gloria. In different variations it either embellishes or becomes a peace of jewelry itself. As the crown is used as a hallmark it stands surety for the original.

Glanz und Gloria it themes can be combined according to individual demands: a small, delicate piece or a larger, more prominent one. Whether decorated with a pearl or a gem stone, as well as the color of the precious metal  – this decision is up to the wearer. The Collection is available in 18kt gold, yellow, white and rose, as well as platinum. The materials have been chosen consciously: the flatter the skin and make it sline.

By Beatrice Müller

The jewelry themes reflect a fine sense of humor and transfersubtle messages from the gold smith master, Beatrice Müller, the jewelry design is inspired by water :  the drop turns into a creek which runs into the river which flows into the sea.

With Glanz und Gloria she gets to the heart of the matter: the desire for delicate shapes and sensual materials, for baroque opulence and playful details. However also themes modest shapes and reserved elegance confidently take their spot in Glanz und Gloria as well.

Glanz und Gloria is available at selected jewelers’. Here you can find Merchants in your area. You can also see the entire collection in our showroom in Stein.

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